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DCE at High-Level EU Cycling Conference

31 January 2024

On January 30th 2024, Shelley Bontje of Dutch Cycling Embassy was present at the High-Level EU Cycling Conference. The conference saw a convergence of political leaders, policymakers, and experts aiming to solidify cycling as a primary mode of transport across Europe.

The recently adopted European Declaration on Cycling has marked a pivotal shift, recognizing cycling not merely as a recreational activity but as a crucial component of efficient and sustainable mobility solutions for everyday travel needs.

Prominent figures from the Netherlands played key roles throughout the event, with representatives from various sectors contributing insights. Angela van der Kloof from Mobycon discussed strategies for fostering inclusion and health through cycling, while Martin Damen from the Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV NL) shed light on safety measures. Meredith Glaser, Senior Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, emphasized the urban planning aspects of promoting cycling, and Raymond Gense from Pon Mobility highlighted the industry’s potential for economic growth and job creation. Additionally, Vivianne Heijnen, the Dutch Minister for the Environment, emphasized the Netherlands’ commitment to sustainable transportation.

Key topics discussed during the conference included the continuation of cycling initiatives post-COVID, leveraging the EU Green Deal, recognizing cycling as a pivotal industry within the EU, and the importance of setting ambitious targets, such as allocating 1% of all TEN-T funding to cycling projects.

Alongside Dutch contributions, representatives from municipalities such as Utrecht, The Hague, and Amsterdam, as well as the Province of Noord-Holland, were present.

As discussions concluded, there was a shared sentiment that elevating cycling within the EU is not only feasible but imperative for achieving sustainable urban mobility and economic prosperity. The EU’s commitment to leading the world in sustainable transportation was reaffirmed, with strategies in place to shape the future of cycling.


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