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Danish delegation visits the Netherlands

28 March 2022

The Dutch Cycling Embassy provided a study trip for a delegation from Denmark.

On March 23rd, 24th, and 25th, the Dutch Cycling Embassy hosted a delegation from the Danish Coastal and Nature Tourism Organization. This delegation was interested in the understanding of the Dutch national recreational cycling network. Considering this interest, the DCE welcomed them at its office in Utrecht, where we have fascinating discussions with Folkersma regarding planning and development cycling routes, networks, and infrastructure.
The second day of the visit took place in Amersfoort, where the delegation was welcomed by Jocelyn Kemker de Kruif, from TripleJoy, who did an introduction into cycling in the Netherlands and guided the cycling study trip of the day. Eric Nijland, from Landelijk Fietsplatform, gave a presentation on Developing a national recreational cycling network based on geographical data collection.

The program ended on Friday, 25 of March at Utrecht, with presentations and discussions with Herbert Tiemens, from the Municipality of Utrecht, who gave a presentation called “Cycling routes and data, implementation by the Municipality of Utrecht”, and with Rob Koster, from Cycle Data, who did a presentation about how cycle data is gathered and used. Finally, Christien Rodenburg, from New Urban Mobility, joined for guiding a Dutch Cycling Tour through Utrecht on attractive cycle routes.

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