Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

“Cycling for Everyone” at Velo-City in Dublin

17 June 2019

New podcast will capture the ideas and conversations held at the upcoming Velo-City Conference in Dublin.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy are pleased to unveil their latest initiative, a podcast that will capture the ideas and conversations heard at the upcoming Velo-City 2019 Conference in Dublin. “Cycling for Everyone” is hosted by Geert Kloppenberg, a 17-year veteran of the radio industry, who currently produces a regular podcast for Business News Radio, the only all-news radio station in the Netherlands. Tuesday and Wednesday, Geert will be wandering the floor of the exhibition hall, speaking to attendees about their experience in Dublin.

Geert will also host a “Podcast Café” at the Dutch Cycling Pavilion, which will take place during the Lunch Break from 1:00pm to 2:00pm on Tuesday, June 25th. The event will feature a panel of cycling experts and innovators, and will invite audience participation from those gathered to watch the proceedings. The resulting recordings will then be edited for brevity and clarity, and distributed via the Dutch Cycling Embassy’s social media channels.

Involving 17 of the Dutch Cycling Embasy’s network participants, the Dutch Cycling Pavilion (Booth E2) promises to be a hive of activity over the course of three days. Be sure to stop by to see the best products, expertise, and innovative solutions from the Netherlands.

Please contact us with any questions, and stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn feeds for further developments. We look forward to seeing you in Dublin!

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