Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

“Cycling for Better City” in Turkey

13 August 2021

DCE participants Sustainable Solutions and Artgineering join the “Cycling for Better City” project in Turkey.

“Cycling for Better City” is a project supported by Creative Industries Fund NL; run by the consortium of Sustainable Solutions, Artgineering and Novusens Smart City Institute (TR) that explores cycling as a catalyst for a change towards a more sustainable, healthy, vital, inclusive and democratic urban environment and society. An Inclusive Master Plan design guidebook was developed as a result of the project. The book is much more than a bicycle masterplan for a specific city. It represents not only an approach to traffic engineering but a holistic vision addressing hardware, software and orgware aspects in order to improve cycling and urban life at the same time. Using the example of the city of Luleburgaz, the book formulates the recommendations and general principles for cycling in midsized Turkish cities. But the content is also relevant for smaller towns and larger metropolises in Turkey that don’t have a well-developed cycling culture and cycling infrastructure.

The book has been presented to the cities of Kahramanmaras, Adana and Mersin and cycling enthusiasts by the close collaboration of the municipalities through TOUR DE TURQUIE Roadshow between 11-13 August, 2021 where Green Tales of Turkey Initiative had also been conducted to create awareness about climate change mitigation and adaptation through cycling and also other aspects of sustainable and smart cities. The Roadshow has been realized with the participation of Novusens team and Dirk de Jager (by adhering to all the restrictions and guidelines of Covid-19 pandemic) and also online participation of Stefan Bendiks from Artgineering, while the message of Dutch Ambassador to Turkey was read in all the 3 events. The team met also with the Mayors of Kahramanmaras, Adana and executives of Mersin Municipality.

The book is the product of a joint international collaborative effort between designers, experts, public administrations, NGOs and private sector actors. This open and inclusive approach was an opportunity to combine Dutch expertise in the field of cycling and urban planning with in-depth knowledge of the local Turkish context and stakeholder involvement.

Hopefully it inspires many municipalities in Turkey and abroad and act as an accelerator to improve city life.

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