Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

Boosting Cycling Activity in the UK and EU

5 April 2022

DCE participates (virtually) in event about boosting cycling activity hosted by the Public Policy Exchange.

On April 5th, 2022, Dutch Cycling Embassy Marketing and Communication Manager Chris Bruntlett partcipated (virtually) in the one-day event “Boosting Cycling Activity in the UK and EU” hosted by the London-based the Public Policy Exchange. The keynote was entitled “Building Cycling Cities: Best Practice from the Netherlands”, during which Chris offered insights into best practice in Netherlands, including network planning, traffic calming, intersection design, and safety education. The keynote was followed by a Q&A with the many participants, which included Philip Amaral of the European Cyclists’ Federation, Klaus Bondam of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, Simon Munk of the London Cycling Campaign, Roger Geffen of Cycling UK, Rosa Shirm of the Bikeability Trust, and Kevin Mayne of Cycling Industries Europe.

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