Cycling for Everyone
Cycling for Everyone

ACTIVE Workshop Bangkok

26 March 2024

Bangkok is a city with lots of potential to become bike and pedestrian friendly. Despite traffic congestion and the high temperatures, the city is very suitable for active mobility. To help the city with their ambitions, a team from the Dutch Cycling Embassy hosted an ACTIVE Workshop.  


Governor of Bangkok, Mr. Chadchart Sittipunt, and Dutch Ambassador, Mr. Remco van Wijngaarden, gave opening speeches to inspire the participants and to make sure we were off to a good start. During the workshop, the Dutch experts worked together with the local experts on policy, infrastructure, and communication challenges. Marco Mulder (Arcadis) and Brett Petzer (Mobycon) presented about urban planning in the Netherlands and how these lessons can be applied to the Thai context. One of the important points we talked about was the speed limit for cars and how this influences the type of bike lanes that should be build.  


For the final presentations, all groups presented their ideas to Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsangboon, Deputy Governor Wisanu Subsompon, Ambassador of the Netherlands, Director of Traffic and Roads Department, and police officers. The creative and innovative solutions that the groups came up with will have a huge impact on the safety and comfort for all road users, whether you’re driving a car, cycling, or walking. Some of the solutions may take a while to implement, such as the reallocation of space at intersections. Whereas other matters can be implemented quickly: seperated bike lanes, creation of a cycling vision for the city, and more greenery.  


Dutch Cycling Embassy is optimistic about Bangkok becoming a bike friendly city. Some of the key elements of bike friendliness are already present in the city. There is strong political leadership that is willing to invest in cycling. Thereby, there is already a large group of cyclists already present in Bangkok. They are the frontrunners and set the example for future cyclists. We would like to thank the Thailand Walking and Cycling Institute, Café Velodome, and the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok for all their support and kindness. We are looking forward to keep working together!  


During the week in Thailand, Margot Daris sat down with Rayong City Development to discuss how cycling can create a more liveable Bangkok. Watch the full interview here.


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