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Hielke Ytsma

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Hielke Ytsma is an accomplished automotive engineer with a broad range of experience, having worked for various OEMs, dealerships, system integrators, and NSCs (National Sales Companies) throughout his career.


Throughout the past decade, Hielke has been extensively involved in the development of ecosystems that support connected vehicle propositions and the implementation of data monetization strategies. He has worked as a contractor with notable companies such as McLaren Automotive, Tech Mahindra, and Pon’s Automobielhandel.


Hielke Ytsma, together with Sander Richardot, founded iMoto in 2015. The company specializes in developing and producing telematics modules for the automotive industry. Their innovative technology has empowered companies like Kia Motors and Pon’s Automobielhandel to establish comprehensive connected vehicle ecosystems. In November 2018, Pon acquired iMoto, and Hielke assumed responsibility for MIND, Pon’s connected vehicle business, for a three-year period.


In 2021, Hielke and Sander bought back iMoto from Pon. They revived the company and developed a new hardware lineup with a specific focus on last-mile solutions. This strategic direction has proven successful, with many notable customers already utilizing iMoto hardware, including Nijland, Rytle, Cenntro, and DOCKR.


Hielke holds a degree in Automotive Engineering and an MBA from the University of Vienna.

Profile picture of Hielke Ytsma

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