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Hans Voerknecht is Een Nieuwe Kijk (A New Perspective). Together with partners in consultancy, science and knowledge institutes Hans develops the method of A New Perspective On Accessibility. This New Perspective aims at assessing measures and investments in Daily Urban Systems from a broad welfare perspective. Economic, ecological and social (transport justice!) impact of interventions are taken into account equally. It aims at a paradigm shift from accommodating mobility towards guaranteeing an acceptable level of sustainable accessibility for all groups in society. In this view investing in bicycling yields at least 4 times higher results in accessibility than investing in cars.

After his studies in econometrics he worked at several provinces as a policy advisor and for CROW as the international ambassador on cycling policy. In this position he visited numerous countries exchanging knowledge on cycling policy.

His aim is to develop methods for assessing the enormous value of a cycle inclusive accessibility policy for all regions in the world, showing the contribution more cycling means for economy, sustainability, transport justice, liveability, health and joy of living. Especially the amount of joy that cycling contributes to the well-being of people can hardly be overestimated.

After working for consultancy (CE Delft and MOVE Mobility) he established A New Perspective.

A New Perspective shows the broad, integral maybe even holistic values of integrating cycling for society as a whole-strategies.

Profile picture of Hans Voerknecht

Hans Voerknecht

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