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Benjamin Schaipp

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Benjamin is a Dutch-German expert for bicycle planning / infrastructure for more than 23 years and founder of FietsMeister – consulting and design for bicycle friendly cities.

Benjamin was the author and advisor for the bicycle policy / infrastructure in Leiden and for the cycling infrastructure program in Rotterdam and contributed to several national working groups. At the Dutch-Belgian consultancy TRIDÉE, he was advising several cities, regions and research institutes in BeNeLux, Germany and Switzerland. In Berlin he was working on public spaces at GRUPPE PLANWERK.

His expertise ranges from mobility transition plans, bicycle policy/-program, consult and design of bicycle projects like fast bike lanes, re-design of streets and intersections, concepts for bicycle parking, research, presentations.

He was born in Augsburg (1979), studied and worked in Hamburg and Berlin, and lives and works in the Netherlands as a bicycle expert since 2008.


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Profile picture of Benjamin Schaipp

Benjamin Schaipp

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