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Bart Christiaens

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Educated as a traffic engineer, Bart worked for traffic consultancy organizations and various municipalities in The Netherlands for over fifteen years. Since 2018 Bart has been the cycling policy coordinator for the city of Rotterdam (Netherlands). The last one and a half years Rotterdam has developed a new bike policy (Fietskoers 2025) and a new policy for sharing bikes, electric mopeds and electric scooters. Rotterdam focusses not only on cycling but on stimulating active mobility, including walking and liveable green areas.

Bart and his colleagues are working with three programmes for cycling:

  1. improving cycle routes
  2. improving bike parking & developing hubs
  3. stimulating cycling and road safety.

In all his projects Bart works closely together with:

– colleagues from public space, urban development and public health

– relevant institutions such as schools, police, housing cooperatives

– stakeholders such as residents, children and advocacy groups.

Profile picture of Bart Christiaens

Bart Christiaens

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Gemeente Rotterdam


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