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Workshop Bike Masterplan Tehran


From 2 till 5 May 2017, the DCE-affiliated Netherlands Bicycle Partnership (NBP) organized a workshop in Tehran, Iran.

The goal of this first workshop was to develop a Bicycle Masterplan Teheran (BMT) in close cooperation with the Municipality of Tehran and the Air Quality Control Company and their Iranian partner RAF. The team consisted of Hidde van der Bijl from the Municipality of The Hague, Jeroen van der Hoeven from APPM, Sara Ghazanfadi from CWI and Dirk de Jager from Sustainable Solutions.

The workshop aimed at creating a fundament for this masterplan during a workshop which took place in the first week of May in Tehran. The City of Tehran is suffering under heavy air pollution and traffic congestion. The municipality tries to solve the problems by increasing the public transport capacity and introducing the use of bicycles in the city center.

After analyzing the problems, the workshop aimed at establishing the key elements for an integrated strategy for improvement.  The structure of the masterplan has been developed and important elements of the content were discussed, such as a save, connected and relevant bicycle infrastructure. The social and cultural aspects received special attention during the workshop. The Municipality succeeded in creating an integrated internal structure to steer the process of further development and implementation. At the same time capacity building of the Iranian team took place in order to work on the outcomes of the workshop.

In the second week of July a second workshop will take place in order to continue and build further on the BMT. The strategy will be finalized and an executing plan will be developed. In the brief period between the two workshops the NBP team is working in close cooperation with Iranian team towards a concept BMT.

The NBP experienced positive cooperation with the involved Iranian parties and is optimistic concerning the perspective for the introduction of cycling as a relevant mode of transport in Tehran. 



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