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DCE @ Bicibizi in San Sebastian, Spain


In the framework of the festival Bicibizi in the province of Gypuzkoa in the Basque Country, the Dutch Cycling Embassy gave the inaugural lecture at the opening of the festival and joined the round table discussion posterior to the lecture.

Bici is a short name for bicycle in Spanish while Bizi is life in Basque. Bicibizi was a three day event held across the whole province of Gypuzkoa. It was organized by the newspaper Diario Vasco together with the regional directions of mobility and environment.

Representing the Dutch cycling embassy, Camila Pinzón, urbanist at the urban design office URBANOS, presented cycling in Amsterdam from the point of view both of the user today and the processes that have brought the city to be world capital of cycling, as well as the future challenges.

After the presentation of the Dutch case, a round table was held to discuss the relation between the Dutch lessons and Gipuzkoa’s reality. The roundtable grouped representatives from the regional government, the citizens groups and the academy. The deputy from Environment, Jose Ignacio Asencio, the director of mobility and public transport, Iñaqui Prego, and Higinio Otazu, former president of Kalapie, the association of cyclists of Gypuzkoa joined the round table. The roundtable was moderated by Ester Anaya, expert in cycling mobility, currently developing her PhD at the Imperial College London. The discussion pointed out the necessity to have an integral approach to cycling in Gypuzkoa, the administrative difficulties due to different administrative competences, the integration to the public transport and to have a coherent, complete regional network, and the relation between governments and citizens groups.

In the weekend before the festival Bicibizi, an interview with Camila Pinzón appeared at the Diario Vasco (in Spanish)



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