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Swedish Delegation visits The Netherlands

Yesterday and today, 22/9-23/9, a delegation from Tyrens A.B., Sweden, visited the Netherlands in order to experience the Dutch cycling culture.

They started off with a lunch and presentation by Goudappel Coffeng (Richard ter Avest and Lucas van der Linde) on the history of cycling in the Netherlands, the idea and logic behind our infrastructure and how this is working out in real life.

After the theoretical part, it was time to experience it themselves during a three-hour bike ride through the city, passing by many interesting spots with regard to cycling planning. The experts from Goudappel Coffeng were there to answer all the questions and to elaborate on the idea behind everything.

On Friday, the delegation went to the office of Royal Haskoning DHV at Utrecht, where the Province of Utrecht (Herbert Tiemens) held a presentation about the provincial view on cycling, their policies to stimulate people to take the bike, the difficulties they meet in this process, and their long term cycling ambitions.

After this presentation, Royal Haskoning DHV (Aletta Koster and Ellen Wijnant) elaborated on the work of Royal Haskoning DHV, in general and their work specifically in Utrecht. Ellen is strongly involved in the process of developing the largest cycling parking garage in the world, which is being built at Utrecht Central Station, so she was able to share their plans and answer questions about it.

After the presentations, it was again time for the delegation, together with the experts, to see and experience Dutch cycling for themselves. First, a model of the new station area, which is being developed, was visited and explained. After that, a current cycling garage was visited, and finally a cycling trip was made through the crowded city center of Utrecht and along remarkable cycling places. The delegation had plenty of experiences to work with back home! 

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