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If you have decided to visit the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam, you are in for a treat. This capital is called ’Bicycle Capital’ because a lot of people in this city move around by bike.


In this article we will point out ten exciting facts you need to know about this beautiful city and its bikers. We hope you enjoy the city, of course by bike, and learn some exciting facts about the Dutch way of living.

1. In the 1960’s al lot of people in Amsterdam died in traffic accidents. Because of this, and some powerful activism, Amsterdam became a Bicycle Capital.
2. In Amsterdam it’s very easy to rent a bike, and it’s a great way to discover the sights of the city. It gives you a good taste of the Dutch way of living, it is not expensive and very easy!
3. In the inner city of Amsterdam, 60 percent of trips are made by bicycle
4. It is estimated that there are about 1.000.000 bicycles within the city, although there are only around 814.000 people living there!
5. Being a tourist, taking photographs is very normal, but did you know that most photographs are made of the bicycle parking in front of Central Station?
6. You can find 4 times more bicycles than cars in Amsterdam.
7. If you want to make longer trips: there are around 400 kilometers of bike paths in Amsterdam. The sky seems to be the limit!
8. Each year, 10.000 bicycles are stolen in Amsterdam, so take good care of yours!
9. Around 60 percent of the people living in Amsterdam, use the bicycle on a daily basis. In the narrow city streets its seems to be a great way to move around, it is sporty and cheap. The most popular bike is called the ‘omafiets’. Literally translated to ‘grandma bike’.
10. Bicycle Capital Amsterdam is always investing in its bicycles. Before 2019, there will be 120 million invested in bicycle paths and infrastructure. A part of this money is spend on parking places for bikes.

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