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Safe cycling becomes the priority in Washington

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On behalf of the Dutch Cycling Embassy and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the Netherlands Embassy in Washington) 3 representatives of the DCE worked in Washington last April. Sjors van Duren from the Province of Gelderland, Marcel van Lieshout from Move Mobility and Richard ter Avest from Goudappel Coffeng joined forces with 40 local and national planners and designers to share Dutch expertise on traffic safety with cities in the US using the Thinkbike concept.

During the meeting A Global Benchmarking between Dutch and US-cities was presented by the US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The two Ministries of Transportation in the US and NL signed an agreement the week before, sealing a commitment to expressly work together in future. One of the highlights was a live teleconference with the US Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx, who was in Europe at the time. Fox said he was very impressed by everything that’s going on in the infrastructure sector in the Netherlands. That week he visited Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Oslo, and he was particularly enthusiastic about how different forms of traffic coexist peacefully in the Netherlands. He saw that cycle safety is a high priority for the USA, and he is very much on board with the initiative being launched in Washington.

To read the FHWA Global Benchmarking Program report, click on the links below

FHWA Benchmarking Part 1 

FHWA Benchmarking Part 2

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