United States

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Following up on a successful visit to Velocity 2017 in Nijmegen, Rick Lindeman made a visit to the United States in September. 

Rick is the programme manager for Cycling within Rijkswaterstaat and the Road Captain for cycling data in the Dutch Bicycle Agenda. He also cooperates with the Fietsersbond, a member of the Dutch Cycling Embassy. Rick visited New Orleans, LA and Washington, DC. Rijkswaterstaat, involved with the Dutch Cycling Embassy through de Tour de Force, facilitated a workshop of the role of government in an environment of new opportunities (E-bikes) and challenges (Autonomous Vehicles) for the Bike.

In a different workshop Rick Lindeman presented the opportunities new insight into Air Quality gives for cycling policy. He showed how the connection works between Optimizing Use / Mobility Management and Air Quality. Futhermore, he presented the results of a pilot of measuring the Air Quality on the bike itself. This gives local opportunities to see direct results of their measures.

Other Conference Highlights:

• The US uses quite a number of (former) raillines and their Right of Way to enable long distance cycling. They now collected their best practices https://www.railstotrails.org
• A number of Canadian cities are experimenting with incident data to redesign their street and to allow evidence-based planning.
• There is a strong connection in the US between cycling and equity.