South Korea

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On February 25th, a Korean delegation visited Delft to learn more about the Dutch approach on cycling.

The delegation consisted out of officials and city government employees from the Kyungsangbuk-Do province. They were particularly interested in overseas user-centered road building cases, local road traffic policies, road maintenance and administration. They were welcomed in the Delft office of the DCE, where a general introduction was given about cycling in the Netherlands. After this introduction, DCE member and cycling expert Rob van der Bijl from RVDB Go Dutch Cycling elaborated on the need for awareness of, and positive approach towards, cycling in dense urban areas. Rob highlighted that cycling should be promoted as a safe and convenient way of transportation, where the rule of thumb is: the more cyclists, the safer it gets.



After some interesting following questions (and answers) about Dutch legislation, the delegates were also briefly introduced to Rob's folding bike which he uses to commute on a regular basis. A brief but very interesting visit!