Through a cooperation between UN Habitat and the Dutch Cycling Embassy, cycling has been full in the picture at the Governing Council of UN Habitat in Nairobi. UN Habitat is paying more and more contribution to sustainable transport and asked the Embassy to deliver 10 bikes and cycling racks for a showcase. The opening of the Council was followed immediately by a ceremony to make the bikes available at the UN compound for all delegates. The opening has been done by the director of UN Habitat Clos and the president of Kenya Kenyatta. In one of the sessions a video has been launched produced by the Embassy with ITDP USA about the meeting hosted by the Dutch UN Ambassador on sustainable transport last January in New York. This meeting was devoted to equity in mobility with UN ambassadors and representatives of development banks and UN DESA. The speaker on equity was Enrique Penalosa, a champion on sustainable urban planning and former mayor of Bogota. See the video ( Further a report was published produced by the Embassy with developments on cycling in a number of countries and directions for the way cities have to go.

For the UN Human Settlements Programme, the Dutch Cycling Embassy realised the project "Cycling out of Poverty", for which 10 bicycles, plus parking facilities were send to Kenya. Moreover, a report on the benefits of cycling was published.