South Korea


On 5th January 2018, a research team from Yonsei University, located in Seoul, South Korea visited the DCE to have an interview on cycling for urban mobility.

Grace D. Lim and Yujin Lee researchers from Yonsei University, who were conducting research about the promotion of cycling for the sustainable urban mobility in Seoul, visited the DCE to have an interview with the team members. Given many European cities have already established successful cycling culture and environment, they have been studying how cycling became rooted deeply in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy has explained about the history of development in cycling as well as how the different form of partnerships among the government, civic societies, private companies and the public have supported the bicycle use. Also, the DCE gave a brief introduction to various cases of changes that have been made in cycling infrastructure, service, and communication.

Overall, the interview session had been carried out smoothly and had become a rich dialogue, touching the topic in different perspectives.