Initiatives in Berlin

1. "Radbahn" Berlin
Berliners have introduced their Vision for a cycling highway, which runs beneath an elevated metro line. Authorities however, are not convinced yet. Click here for more information on Radbahn Berlin. 

2. "Volksentscheid Fahrrad"
Inhabitants of the city have started to apply for a referendum to ask all Berliners if they want a more cycling friendly city. They have formulated 10 goals to improve the cycling friendliness, which they have translated into laws. The referendum will take place after collecting the needed amount of signatures. Click here for more information on Volksentscheid Fahrrad. 

3. "MitRADgelegenheid" is an Initiative that calls upon cycling together, because it is more safe and more fun. The law says that when you are with 15 people or more, you are allowed to cycle in pairs.