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In cooperation with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Havana (Cuba), the Dutch Cycling Embassy organised the first Bici Webinar. Cuba is a country that is experiencing rapid development and the city of Havana is currently investigating how to incorporate sustainable mobility into their planning.

The challenge is to work towards a system that is accessible and inclusive, while taking into account the increased volume of tourism as well as impact on the local community. During the Bici Webinar on 18 April, DCE cycling expert Dirk de Jager portrayed the benefits cycling can bring about to a city. The Cuban counterparts were informed about the relatively low costs, improvement of air quality and accessibility and potential co-creation with the tourism-economy. After Dirk’s presentation, a fruitful interactive discussion took place. We are happy to have been able to contribute to a successful cooperative project together with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Havana and their Cuban counterparts. We look forward to organising more Bici Webinars in the future!

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