Autonomy2018 Outside

The Dutch Cycling Embassy took part in the Autonomy Paris exhibition which was held at the Grande Halle de La Villette between the 18th and 20th of October to present Dutch innovations in the world of cycling.

Autonomy2018 Header

On the Dutch Cycling Pavillion the DCE was joined by a variety of participants presenting their products such as Cargoroo and its cargo bike share system or Connectbike an elegant solution of bike sharing scheme both are using the Mobilock system.

Autonomy2018 Cargoroo

Other participating exhibitors in the pavilion were Ring-Ring®, a platform that rewards cyclists for their cycled kilometers and Lumiguide, which developed an innovative system which can track where parking spots are available and guides people in the streets to the empty places with digital displays through the city. Finally, theurbanfuture presented their VR system which let users experience different cycling environments.

Autonomy2018 urbanFuture

The new forms of mobility were the focus of the exhibition. Alongside the many e-bike manufacturers, we could find many variations of electric assisted scooters. Some cargo manufacturers also presented their different models. Electric cars, and solutions and services related, had a large presence throughout the exhibition.

Autonomy2018 Embassy

The day before the start of the exhibition, the DCE and its partners were invited by the Dutch embassy in Paris to present a quick comparison between cycling in France and the Netherlands and the products from the partners to an audience comprising the Dutch ambassador in France as well as other Dutch representants, French mobility experts and cycling advocates in France.