Cycling for Everyone

Gina van Dooren

21 September 2023

Gina first dived into the topic of bicycle mobility during her master’s thesis about bicycle activism and the right to the city in Medellín, Colombia. Her time spent conducting fieldwork in this city has sparked her interest in promoting bicycle mobility. Growing up in the bicycle-friendly environment of The Netherlands, she has experienced first-hand the freedom of movement that the bicycle may offer. With a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and currently pursuing a master’s in International Development, she has a holistic perspective on urban mobility transformation. Believing in the transformative potential of bicycles in creating sustainable, inclusive, and livable cities, Gina is eager to put her knowledge into practice during her internship at the Dutch Cycling Embassy. She sees this internship as a unique opportunity to explore how locally adapted knowledge exchange can play a role in facilitating positive change in urban mobility.

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