Cycling for Everyone

Arjen Klinkenberg MSc

3 May 2022

During his final year of studying human geography and spatial planning at the University of Amsterdam, Arjen developed an acute interest in the bicycle, and how cycling can act as a way to improve the city. This led to a follow-up study of urban geography at Utrecht University, writing his master’s thesis on the route choice behavior of cyclists in the City of Utrecht, focusing on some of the busiest cycle paths in the world. Since 2017, Arjen has been project manager at the Fietsersbond, where he works on the further development of the route planner and uses the data from the bicycle network to contribute to the liveability and cyclability in Dutch cities. At the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Arjen is involved in seizing opportunities to make cycling a structural part of spatial policy in Germany, among other things by making the link with Dutch experts. 

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