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Velo-City 2021 Conference in Lisbon

9 September 2021

The Dutch Cycling Embassy leads delegation of Dutch experts to the 2021 Velo-City Conference in Lisbon.

From September 6th to 9th, 2021, the Dutch Cycling Embassy lead a delegation of nearly 60 Dutch experts to Lisbon, Portugal for the 2021 Velo-City Conference, the world’s largest international cycling conference.

The official program got started on Monday morning, with an opening ceremony led by new European Cyclists’ Federation President Henk Swarttouw. That afternoon, Deputy Ambassador Esra Sen and Director Lucas Harms cut the ribbon on the Dutch Cycling Pavilion, a showcase of 17 member organizations in the main exhibition hall.

The four days of the conference offered countless Dutch speakers in both plenary and parallel sessions. The DCE’s own Lucas Harms presented on tactical urbanism and pop-up bike lanes. The Fietsersbond’s Wim Bot offered lessons from their successful push towards a 30 km/h default limit in Dutch cities, while Esther van Garderen explained how better infrastructure can bridge the gender gap in cycling. Sjors van Duren of Royal HaskoningDHV introduced the knowledge platform “Amsterdam Bike City”. Herbert Tiemens presented about the Province of Utrecht ’s network of regional cycling routes. Manuela Studer from Goudappel explained their “Triple A” approach to building successful cycling cities. Mobycon’s Bernhard Ensink outlined the holistic Dutch approach to bike parking. Niek Verlaan explained Gemeente Utrecht’s innovative approach to cycling promotion and road safety in an industrial part of town. Juul van Rijn from the Ministry of Infrastructure outlined how their national CycleOn program encourages safe cycling until your 100th birthday. And NS were on hand to share best practices around the “golden” bike and train combination.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy also worked with the Municipality of Lisbon and three of its network participants—, Cycledata, and Folkersma Routing—to create the Dutch Bike Path Pilot: an example of Dutch innovations along a cycle path outside of the conference venue.

It was an absolute pleasure to play our small part in a hugely successful Conference in Lisbon. Our sincere thanks to the European Cyclists’ Federation, the local organizers, and everyone who visited the Dutch Cycling Pavilion. See you in Ljubljana in 2022!

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