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Cycling for Everyone

Think Bike in the City of Iasi

30 September 2021

DCE partners Utrecht and HODworks organises “Think Bike in the City of Iasi” Workshop in Iasi, Romania.

The City of Lasi in the northeast of Romania it is the second largest city in the country after Bucharest. The city is growing rapidly due to favorable economic development and investment, but the traffic situation is not sufficient. The first Think Bike Workshop was organized to stimulate the use of the bicycle and to bring it to the attention of politicians and the wider public. Dutch urban mobility experts Ruxandra Aelenei (City of Utrecht) and Erik Tetteroo (HODworks) were invited to Iași to speak at this workshop and at the following Urban talks Conference.

The first day at this Think Bike Workshop started with a bike tour to explore the current infrastructure. The afternoon was devoted to exploring the possible goals and ambitions of the city. Based on Dutch and international examples, it was considered how social goals are linked to better facilities for cyclists. Workshop sessions were held in smaller groups. Day 2 was spent on best practices from Utrecht and The Hague, and on exploring the design of a cycling strategy. Stakeholders were considered in separate groups, quick wins were devised and longer-term activities were listed. The meeting concluded with an overview of the most important topics that can be used in the short term.

There was a lot of social and political interest in the ThinkBike Workshop, and the participants were enthusiastic about the program followed. The workshop was also reported on Romanian television. Following the workshop, the Dutch speakers were invited to lecture at the Urban Talks Conference, to present their vision to a panel of mayors from the region.

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