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Cycling for Everyone

Abel Sensors Delivers New Parking in Germany’s #1 Cycling City

16 May 2023

Abel Sensors delivered a new bike park project in Germany’s #1 bicycle city, Hansator Münster, together with Westfälische Bauindustrie GmbH

Last year, Abel Sensors announced the opening of a brand-new bike park project in the #1 bicycle city of Germany, Hansator Münster. With Abel’s Smart Parking for bikes solution, visitors can not only reserve a parking spot, but also pay directly, while being guided to their parking spot. Checking in at the facility is easily accomplished by using a QR code.

Abel Sensors develops and produces intelligent parking systems through sensors which bicycle parking facilities can use more efficiently. This system recognizes and counts bicycles and detects available parking spots and works both indoors and outdoors, with the help of optical sensor camera’s, LED colored indicators and custom and dynamic signages. Furthermore orphaned & unused bikes are detected and can be removed by park owners. This means a cleaner facility.

Founded in 2011, Abel Sensors is the market leader in detection in the Netherlands. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to forfill its customers custom needs. Abel Sensors already tracks more than 120,000 parking spots in the Netherlands with its software and is expanding its activities in Belgium, England, France, Switzerland and Germany. Abel’s commitment to contribute to a sustainable society is aimed to be done by “Reducing their own footprint”.

Abel Sensors aims to be energy neutral itself by 2030.

For more information on Abel’s Smart Parking for bikes solution, contact:
Kristel Joeroeja
+31 06-11086905

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