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Brett Petzer

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Brett Petzer is a South African-born, Cape Town-raised academic, urban planner and translator who specialises in the French-speaking market at Mobycon. Brett’s work looks at the regulatory mechanisms that influence the success of ‘claims’ on public space made for different mobility modes and uses, such as bicycle lanes or car parking, within the scarce and limited public space in cities. His work seeks to integrate urban planning and socio-technical transitions research. Following the completion of his PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, Brett joined Mobycon as a bicycle infrastructure planner, where he uses both design skills from his masters and more policy-focused skills from his PhD to assist clients seeking cycling solutions. Alongside his studies, Brett is an accredited translator (DipTrans) from French to English, and works exclusively in the field of architecture, urbanism and sustainable mobility. This aspect of his freelance work can enrich project work through a particular attention to the clarity and political impact of language and terminology